real estate platform that links people, documents and tasks to work better together         entire user experience and interface design across desktop and mobile.

︎ product design lead 2012-2015 

Everything starts with a loop.

Loops are online workspaces to collaborate in real time, which could be used for home sales, apartment rentals, expense reports or anything else.

Over a million professional agents and brokers negotiate and collaborate online.

We take advantage of this primary shape to use it as a brand modular element across the UI.

Ecosystem: grid & list view of loops in different stages.

Stay in sync            bringing teams, clients and other parties into a loop. Everyone can share documents, collaborate and set up to-do lists.

eSignatures         online document editor with the capability to add different elements as form fields, signatures, initials, checkboxes, date or text, assigning them to other party involved.

An initial version was designed just to upload PDFs evolving to a smart version of HTML5. It allows to create the entire set of actions and rules over a blank or template state increasing significantly the readability across different screen sizes.

Process         everything starts with exploring different interaction flows at onboarding, dashboard and signing experiences.

Consistency appears across the channels documented on styleguides and technical sheets.

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